Third Party Reviews

Chuck T. | November 02, 2018 |

"This was the worst hair cut I have ever received. Salma took a huge chunk out of my hair above my right ear. So much so that I asked what happened and she actually said, 'I don't know it must be the shape of your head'. Then in an attempt to fix it she takes the 3 clipper head off and replaced it with the 2. Now it looks like I got a military hair cut and that did not help because now it looks like I am bald in one spot. I don't have a problem with sportclips. I know mistakes happen. But she kept making it worse not better. To the point that my left side looked great, but she had to cut it back to match. I would avoid her and the South Town Sportclip like the plague. I knew I was in trouble when she asked how I wanted it cut and I said a number 3 and the top with scissors at 2 fingers. And her comment back was, are you sure my fingers are smaller then yours. Omg I should have walked out then. She did not even know how to trim sideburns. Ugh....."

Matthew Parks | September 25, 2018 |

"Hate waiting and this place is always busy."

Stephen Battaglio | August 09, 2018 |

"Love the staff and they do a great job cutting my hair."

J D. | October 31, 2016 |

"Yesidra, or some such name, was a B. She was curt with me upon my arrival and really turned up the attitude when I wasn't interested in listening to her high pressures service sale. I stopped going there years ago due to the constant sales pushes. I guess that's there niche."

Charley Montero | June 07, 2018 |

"Friendly & experienced staff. Very good service, reasonable pricing."

Caden S. | May 22, 2018 |

"I asked for a fade in the back and didn't look at it until I got home. The lines aren't even straight. If you don't care how your hair looks then this place is fine. Otherwise, there are way better places for the same price or less in Austin. I would even recommend other Sports Clip locations over this one. Just find a place where the employees actually take pride in the work they do. Obviously this place doesn't."

Jon Blondell | May 10, 2018 |

"Depends which one you go to."

David Murray | May 07, 2018 |

"They take care of you there!"

Benjamin Hernandez | April 03, 2018 |

"Cristina stopped me from cutting too much off. She was very professional but kept a very personal atmosphere. Kudos!"

Little Al K. | March 25, 2018 |

"It's a shame when one bad apple makes a place look so bad it tarnishes their whole chain's image. "Neck trims always free" is what the signs say at many locations but a young woman at the mopac and 71 location seemed to not understand or care about this which has been their policy at all their stores, and I've been to locations at Techridge, Clear Lake City/ Webster, Southpark Meadows, 360 and mopac, and San Marcos, among others. She who was rude and confrontational about this approx. 6 months ago when after the neck trim insisted she had done a little extra trimming and "there is a charge for that," received no tip and this review after I pointed out that I never asked for anything more than a neck trim and refuse to pay for any made up crap. She used the excuse of "you've never been to this location before" and I pointed out that that had never been a problem in the past at (I started naming locations) and that I usually get my hair cut at the Southpark meadows location. I told her that about every neck trim I've ever gotten before then, the stylist did a little extra trimming, often without obtaining permission. I gave this location another chance about a month ago and it seemed back to normal (no sign of the silly, ignorant, confrontational girl that didn't know the difference between her ass and a hole in the ground) improving my rating here from what it would have been. Slowly and gradually, and it will take time, to restore my confidence in their level of customer care and attitude, but the rebound has begun. It was only the second time I had encountered a less than pleasant attitude at a Sport Clips. Special note for upper mgmt.: Austin is a Longhorn, Cowboys, Astros, Stars, and Spurs town. Other teams may be ok to display in other cities, but these are the teams that have literally won the popularity vote in Austin American-Statesman polls, consistently over the years. Please move promotions for other teams to other cities, would ya?"